Small Scale Coastal Infrastructure Scheme (SSCIS)

The Small Scale Coastal Infrastructure Scheme (SSCIS) Expression of Interest (EOI) is open to applications from all Port Authorities (PA) and Local Authorities (LA) who own ports and harbours across Wales and meet the eligibility selection criteria as set out in this booklet. The SSCIS covers capital investments in port and harbour infrastructure which deliver benefits to improve the overall performance, sustainability, safety and well-being of the Welsh Marine and Fishing industries as well as the general public enjoying the use of the facilities and the surrounding areas.

The grant provides up to 100% towards capital investments in equipment and machinery that have been pre-identified to support Marine users to address environmental, operational, safety and security issues. The maximum grant award per harbour or per port is up to £100,000, to purchase capital items from a pre-determined list across the four key focus areas for outcomes, which correspond to, and can be measured, by one or more of the indicators listed below.


  • Environmental – increase in the recycling of Marine litter
  • Operational – increase in jobs safeguarded by investment
  • Safety – reduction in number or accidents reported at ports or harbours
  • Security – reduction in number of criminal acts (vandalism, theft etc)


  • Environmental – volume of material recycled by port or harbour (tonnes)
  • Operational – number of jobs safeguarded and created (FTE)
  • Safety – the number of work-related injuries and accidents (by single unit)
  • Security – the number of incidents reported (by single unit)

Only one grant award per port of harbour will be made under the scheme and the Expression of Interest (EOI) is available through RPW Online. If your EOI is selected, you must accept or decline the selection and return the Application Annex included with your selection notification letter via RPW Online by the date given in the letter. You will be given eight weeks from the date of selection to submit your full application and supporting documents. The plans and documents that you will be required to complete and submit are:

  • Online Small Scale Coastal Infrastructure Scheme Full Application
  • Three Quotes for each investment item selected on the EOI
  • Three Years of Certified Accounts
  • Planning Permission and/or required licences if appropriate

This scheme is open until the 22nd December 2021.