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Nutrient Management Plans

Nutrient management planning targets nutrient applications to where they are needed most, improving efficiency of fertiliser use.

We will be able to undertake detailed nutrient planning which benefits productivity while minimising fertiliser costs, as well as ensuring that you remain compliant with legislation.

The new farming rules for water require that fertiliser applications match crop requirements, which can only be achieved through nutrient planning. This must take into account the results of soil sampling, which is now required every 5 years on all land which is cultivated or receiving applications of fertiliser or manure. Farms in NVZs are required to keep more detailed nutrient application records, and certain agri-environment scheme options may also require nutrient management plans.

Our services include:

  • Nutrient management plans
  • Spreading risk maps
  • NVZ advice
  • Compliance with legislative requirements


Many woodland owners are not fully aware of the financial potential of their woodlands and how they can make best return from them.

Our services include:

  • Submitting Countryside Stewardship applications
  • Glastir Woodland Creation contracts
  • Advice on thinning control, timber measurement and marketing
  • Woodland management planning
  • Designing new plantations
  • Felling licence applications