The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund – England Only

The long-awaited replacement to the Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme, opened today 16th November and closes on MIDDAY 7th JANUARY 2022

Aims of the scheme

  • Improve agricultural productivity
  • Contribute to improved animal welfare
  • Encourage more sustainable pesticide usage
  • Improve air and water quality



Overall maximum grant of £50,000 over the life of the scheme.

Funding previously received from the Small Grants Scheme will not count towards this overall maximum grant, so everyone starts on a clean slate.

Farmers (both claimants and non-claimants), horticulturalists, forestry owners and contractors are eligible to apply. If you are a non-BPS claimant, you still need to be registered on the RPA.

Items must be purchased through a supplier or manufacturer and cannot be home built. Hire and lease purchase cannot be supported, and cash payments for items will not be accepted.

Unlike the Small Grants it should be possible to agree amendments to your application if you are unable to get an item, have supply issues or have purchased an incorrect item. If something is removed, you still need to be claiming items above the minimum grant. Requests for additional items will not be considered.

This is the link to Annex 3 which lists all the eligible items per category:

Unlike before, every item still has a set cost, but the list includes the grant amount on that item not the set cost, most have been calculated at 40% however some are at an increased rate of 50%. Your item MUST MEET THE LISTED SPECIFICATION, the grant rate is standard and does not vary if you item costs more or less than the RPA calculated full price.

For example, the agreed grant on a mobile sheep handling system is £3,100 which equates to 40% of £7,750 so if your sheep handling system costs £8,500 you will still only get a grant of £3,100, likewise if it costs £7,000, you will get a grant of £3,100.

Claim deadline: 22nd September 2022 this is a much longer period than the previous 150 day window.

Claiming appears to be as prescriptive as before, and will require photographs, clear and precise invoices and full bank statements.

Please contact Ellie Watkins for further information about this scheme on 07495 006808 or