Farm Transformation Fund – Improving Farm Productivity (England Only)

The latest round of the Farm Transformation Fund (FTF) opened earlier this week. The FTF provides grants towards large capital items to help businesses improve productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability. Improving Farm Productivity is the second window of this scheme to open, an “Adding Value” window will open in the coming months.

The scheme is targeted specifically to large capital spends, with the minimum grant rate of £35,000 which at 40% requires a minimum spend of £87,500. The maximum grant is £500,000 per applicant.  The grant is less broad than its predecessors, and is specifically targeted to the following items:

Slurry treatment equipment

The grant can pay up to 40% of the costs for:

  • mild acidification equipment (all projects must buy acid storage, dosing equipment, mixing tank and pump)
  • acidification infrastructure (for example, any work to adapt or install pipework, pumps etc to get slurry into the acidification system and then out to storage)


Robotics and innovation equipment

The grant can pay up to 40% of the costs for:

  • robotic horticulture and arable equipment (for example, robotic weeding, robotic harvesting)
  • robotic animal welfare equipment (for example, robotic milking, robotic feeding)
  • advanced ventilation control systems for existing horticultural and livestock buildings
  • wavelength-specific LED lighting for horticultural crops


To apply for this grant, you must first check that your proposal is eligible and in line with the relevant priorities using the RPA’s online checker, this must be done in advance of the 16th March 2022. The checker will require the following information about the business, information about the project, a list of items you would like to buy and an estimate of total costs. If your proposal is scored appropriately on the checker you can opt to submit an initial application. Thereafter, the RPA will review the scores of the applications received and will invite you to make a full application if your proposal has scored highly enough.

If your proposal requires planning permission, this will need to be in place by 31st December 2022. Quotes from suppliers will be required prior to starting any project.

For further information please see below link and contact Ellie Watkins on 07495 006808 or