Capital Grants (England only)

The Capital Grants programme in England is still open with no deadline yet imposed.

Up to £20,000 grant funding available for capital work projects that feature under the following categories:

  • Water Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Hedgerows, Boundaries and Trees

Water quality projects are usually most popular including farmyard concrete renewal, roofing, livestock and machinery tracks, fencing next to watercourses, amongst other items.

You will need to be a red priority area for water quality for most works which will also require the support of a Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer.

Boundaries grants do not require you to be in a high priority area, and provide generous funding towards a variety of hedging works including planting new hedges.

If you would like to consider these grants and how they might be used on your farm please do not hesitate to contact Ellie Watkins on 01432 656545 or